3D Animation, Images, Advertising Assets

For Real Estate Development, Product Advertising, Concept Presentation

Estoria City

Urban development, Bucharest

Victoriei Luxury

Urban development, Bucharest

Dodge Challenger in 360

3D animation rendered in shperical mode

One 66

Urban Development, Brasov

Brasov Railway design proposal

Urban Development, Brasov

Pipera Gardens by OSPINAS

Urban Development, Bucuresti

Dunca Hypercar presentation

Automobile development, Romania

Flanco Videomapping

Store opening presentation, Bucharest

Computers morphing into servers CGI

Concept video spot for IT Company, Bucharest

Dagadam Smartwatch presentation

Online video presentation for smartwatch launch campaign

3D Images

Residencial, Real Estate, Office


1. Brief, Quote and Timeline

First steps are the most important. We have to meet live or online to understand your needs and wishes, and also discuss on basic brief needs meaning plans, sketches, cameras, lightning, materials, etc..  The production starts only when the brief is over and aproved by both sides. I will also guide you on the technical details of what we need from now on.

2. Asset Production

In this stage I assemble the scenes and do all the required new models and specific details, modeling everything from scratch is also available. Cameras will be placed together with lightning. If aproval is not required for every detail of the project, the process can go about 5-7 times faster.

3. Refinement, Render and Post-production

Final details are implemented, and we take decisions about post production layers. This is the complete preview before final render and deliverables.


The best asset for successful marketing campaigns

I generate full CGI enviroments for all types of ideeas and also direct the best soundtrack for them. Resolution of the video can be Full HD or 4K and lenght as many seconds as the subject needs. I can meet any requirements of project size and context, nature with seasons, people, cars, general assets. Character animation is also possible with my collaborators. For the best output I also do post production for the produced video content. Effects, colors and audio compositing are a key factor in sending the message.

The basic requirements for all marketing campaigns

Architectural still renders ar hight resolution for exterior and interior, 360 Spherical Renders for VR Aplications, Aerial views 3D generated, done footage, Floor plans, Technical Explainers. If you need something and it’s not on this list send a refference and it will be solved.

Brand Design

After your images and videos are ready you need to spread them as much as possible so therefore a centralized advertising strategy will make things a lot safer when it comes to sellings and general impact.

I do most of the assets required for a complete campaign solution :

Product analisys and concept, Logo design and logo animation, Website and Printables, Product EXPO visual strategy.


3dsMax, Clarisse, Unreal Engine, Adobe Suite

3dsMax plugins: Fstorm, Redshift, Arnold, Octane, Corona, Vray, Forest Pack and Railclone, Multiscatter, GrowFX, AXYZ Anima.